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Xiaoyun 1 Xiaoyun 2
the Collector of Secrets
the Keeper of Secrets
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Thanks for sharing. I will take your secret to my grave.
Xiaoyun collects the secret wishes of people. She hears and remembers all, no matter how small and trivial. Xiaoyun is the keeper of secrets. Those who have met her have never heard her speak of others.
Normal Skill Normal Skill
Xiaoyun's Encouragement Wishes of Fire
Increases party's Critical Rate by 55% for 1 turn. Increases party's Fire ATK by 100% until the next turn.
Cooldown: 6 turns Cooldown: 7 turns
HP Icon 1093 Level Max 40 HP Icon 2110 Level Max 50
ATK Icon 516 Enhance Max +4 ATK Icon 1050 Enhance Max +5