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of Winter Warmth
the Angel
of Overflowing Love
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I'll share this light with you. Could you come here for a second? Look! The whole world is filled with warm light!
If you felt a sudden warmth in your hands on a wintry dar, it's because Noelle stopped by and shared her warmth with you. Noelle is an angel that soothes the coldness of the winter with sweet warmth. Take a walk on an icy cold day and you'll be able to meet Noelle on the streets. A Soul that brings love and joy into the world. Thanks to Noelle, Astoria emanates warm light even during the coldest winter.
Normal Skill Normal Skill Normal Skill
Blessings of Christmas Christmas Prayer Noelle's Gift
1 party member's DEF will increase by 300 until his/her next turn. Increases party's HP by 300 for 2 turns. Increases DEF by 300 for 2 turns & recovers HP by 600 for 2 turns.
Cooldown: 7 turns Cooldown: 6 turns Cooldown: 6 turns
HP Icon 1718 Level Max 40 HP Icon 1670 Level Max 40 HP Icon 3041 Level Max 50
ATK Icon 360 Enhance Max +4 ATK Icon 339 Enhance Max +4 ATK Icon 613 Enhance Max +5