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Nicole 1 Nicole 2
the Phantom Thief
of Winter Nights
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Ho ho, catch me if you can! Shh, it's a secret.
Every winter, Astoria's wealthy will heighten security around their homes, but they are no match for Nicole. She is a charming thief that only targets the rich! One winter night, a mysterious shadow appears atop the highest tower in Astoria... Nicole's true identity is a secret shared only among a few Elunes.
Normal Skill Normal Skill
Infiltrate Beautiful Santa's Present
Provokes the enemies to receive all attacks for 1 turn. Inflicts damage on all enemies & silences them (35% chance).
Cooldown: 6 turns Cooldown: 7 turns
HP Icon 2067 Level Max 50 HP Icon 3416 Level Max 60
ATK Icon 875 Enhance Max +5 ATK Icon 1743 Enhance Max +6